Windows 10 feature update “May update”

Windows 10 feature update

Windows 10 feature update Known As “May update”

The newest Windows 10 feature update has been released by Microsoft, it’s known as the May update. Very original, also known as version 21H1, so 2021, the first half of the year. However, even though Windows only gets one of these feature updates twice a year. It turns out that this one actually does not have all that. Much in terms of features on the front end. It looks like Microsoft basically delayed most of the features that were planned.  That was pretty major and put it off till 21H2. So the next one will probably be in the fall.

And from what I’ve seen, it seems like they are mostly focusing on the core experience, they said. As well as stability and bug fixes, that sort of thing. So there are still some decent Additions, it’s just more stuff on the backend, but we’ll go over it all anyway.

Feature Of This Update

First, let me go over a few notes about actually getting the update, and then we’ll go into the Actual features. Now apparently, this update is being slowly rolled out randomly to users over the next couple of weeks. So you might not necessarily see it in Windows update appearing right now, but you can get it manually.

Download Process

I’ll talk about that in a second. If it does show up, you’ll see a section where it mentions it as an Optional feature update and you’ll also see the option to download and install.

And again, this is fully optional so you don’t have to worry about delaying any updates or anything. You could still keep everything else up to date and just not click that download install if you don’t want to. Now, if you don’t see the option to download it now in the update menu, but you still want it anyway. There are a couple of ways to do so. The easiest, fastest way would be to download the enablement package from the Microsoft site. There are so few major updates in this new version. Actually, it shares the same core files as the previous two major feature updates.

21H1 in previous updates

Microsoft actually just kind of downloaded a lot of the features to get ready for this 21H1. In previous updates, you downloaded a couple of months before this. And just kind of laid dormant. So all you have to do is download this enablement package.

And it takes no time at all. You download it and then run it and it will simply enable the features that have already been downloaded. So it’s really quick, you just restart and there it is.

One quick note is when you go to download this, Chrome will not like it. Because it’s not an HTTPS download, even though it doesn’t really matter. It’s secure it’s from Microsoft directly. So basically just right-click and hit “save link as”, and then it’ll warn you that it’s not a secure download. But you can just ignore it and keep it. And then it’ll download anyway.


And like I said, then you just run it and then restart and you’ll have 21H1. Although on one of my computers that didn’t actually immediately install it. It just enabled the option to download and install it in the windows update. So just kind of be aware of that. The other option, which will take a lot longer, is to download the Update Assistant from Microsoft. From my understanding, that will basically go through and replace all The Windows files. Including the ones that have just been majorly changed for this new update.


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