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Here is the Terms and conditions those are the rules and regulations for the use of the Website, you can visit the website from any browser using this URL https://updatetheory.com/


We think that you are agree to our conditions that we published. if you don’t agree with these rules and regulation we think this website is not for you. So you may return to another website that is your demand related. Here will apply our all rules and condition to you if you want to agree and accept our proposal and it will be apply in all contact with us. Our all most valuable clients, you and the person login on the website, he has to follow these rules and regulations properly. If anyone wants to contact with business purpose or any personal purpose the will be contacted according to our terms and conditions. If anyone want to take any unfair way we will reject him and then it will not our fault the all fault will go on you for your work.


Updatethepry use cookies. Entering the website you might have to agree using cookies according to our rules that we publish in our terms on updatetheory.  We use cookies to get back the user details information for every visit in this website. For making it easier to the visitor we use cookies. Sometime our co-partner and our advertising partner may also use cookies not for any harmful work.


All of this website information is reserved by the website owner. No one can use this information without any the permission by the owner.

You must not permit

  • Publish or Republish information that are taken from the website
  • Sell, rent or sub-license information from updatetheory.
  • Duplicate or copy information from the website
  • Distribute the data from the website



The agreement will start the following day.

The website gives some chance to the visitor to post and exchange opinions and information in relevant to the website. It doesn’t filter, edit, publish or review to their comment. Any comments don’t automatically the views, our team review it then we will publish. This comments only reflect the comment owner. The website will not take any liable for any visitor’s comments and opinions. If it causes any damage or harmful, it liable goes to the comment owner, our website will not take any part.

The website will reserve the right to remove, delete or monitor any comment. If any comment of opinion considered inappropriate or harmful, and it fight against our rules and regulation our team will remove the comment or opinion according to our rules.


You represent that

  • You have given the permission to post the comments on this website and you have all the necessary licenses and consents to do it.
  • Opinions and comments do not attack any one or any property right
  • The comments do not attack any defamatory, libelous, offensive, indecent or otherwise unlawful which fight against our privacy.
  • For Promoting business is not allowed in this website.


Hyperlink to our Content

Without Written approval, this organization may link

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines
  • News organizations
  • Non-profit organizations



We may consider and approve this types other link requests:

  • business information sources;
  • community sites;
  • associations that representing charities;
  • Directory distributors;
  • Online Internet portals;
  • consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Educational institutions