Tech Accessories That Needs To Upgrade Gaming Desk Setup

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Tech Accessories to Upgrade Your Gaming Desk Setup

I’m gonna be counting down the top five techs to upgrade your gaming desk setup. Jumping right into the number one:  spot that is going to be a monitor arm. So if you guys don’t have a monitor arm you probably have your monitor just sitting on your desk. Now it’s actually really easy to get a monitor arm as you see behind me and it completely cleans. Your desk up there is no more stand on your desk that takes up space. And it just makes it cluttered when you have a completely open deck. It’s a lot nicer as well. The fact that you can have it go as high or as low or turned or twisted or rotated anything that you want.

The arm allows it to do that and overall it just makes your desk look so freaking nice. Now I have mine over on this side kind of an asymmetrical floating design.  But you can also have it in the middle if you have space behind your desk. And they’re only 40 bucks for this one which is supporting a 34 inch ultra-wide. I think it has a maximum capacity of 26 pounds it’s 40 or 50 bucks such a cheap easy way to give your set up a whole new look that is way cleaner and increases productivity. Because of the different places, you can put your monitor in. I highly recommend this that’s why it is the first one on the list.

Now number two spot: is RGB now don’t just click off and be like oh he just said rgbs I’m not just talking about any rgbs. First, you don’t want to spend a lot of money right these are just the top five pretty inexpensive ways. The govi rgb ics the dream color govis actually have a segmented rgb strip. So you can set multiple colors along the actual strip. So if you have them on your desk you can set the top to like a whole rainbow color. it’s pretty awesome and the actual dream color ones from govi get. so freaking bright if you thought rgb strips were bright before the dream colors. the dream colors are so bright definitely a fantastic upgrade. you can do your entire desk for like 25 bucks 16 feet for 25 bucks.

Number three spot: this is going to be a headphone stand and it actually has rgbs on it as well as having wireless charging. so if you needed to have a charger on your desk before you can just take that off. right now if you had a wireless charger on there before again you can take that off. there because you’re not only going to put your headphones there. you’re also going to have rgbs and a wireless charger and it’s a quick wireless charger. at that, this is a super awesome way to clean up your desk by keeping your headphones on that stand. as well as having some rgbs which always look clean and you’re no longer need to have a cable sitting. there for your phone or having an extra wireless charger. you can have everything in one little package and it just looks incredible and again 25 bucks.

so it’ll match all of your desk setups and also has a rainbow color. which they do quite a good job the rgbs on this are very good.

next is something you guys might not think about but it cannot be overlooked. a desk plant is so freaking important. it just makes your desk set up look so much nicer as you can see right there. it just makes the desk setup look so nice especially when you’re working on it you look down. and there’s just a green plant there it just looks really nice now this little grass plant. I love the build quality on it I know we’re talking about dust plants. but the build quantity is good the base is heavy the top of it looks real. it doesn’t look like some cheap fakeness that’s nine bucks super-easy way to just really really upgrade your desktop. and make it look very clean moving to the

number five spot: in the final spot on this list and you guys might not think of this putting keycaps putting the hyperx. putting keycaps if you guys don’t know what those are they’re. basically, keycaps that have two-thirds of the bottom of the kind of opacity. so you can actually see through it so if you have a mechanical keyboard and it’s just kind of sitting. there why don’t you upgrade it and put some pudding keycaps on there? make it glow a lot brighter a good instance of this is right there. you’re just gonna be thinking about your keyboard but they’re gonna have a huge impact.



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