Solutions Of Overheating Problem on Android

Solutions Of Overheating Problem on Android

Solutions to Fix Overheating Problem

Many times the phones get hot as a result of running in the background of the application. A bad battery or other hardware problems cannot be denied. Other times, it is due to a malware infection. Extra hot smartphone issue. With more processing power; more heat is generated and a compact device makes it harder to release heat properly. This is especially common on Android devices.

Tips 1:
Better to keep it off when you’re not using Maps Many other apps tend to use the best location settings to ensure higher power savings and turn off the settings to reduce smartphone heat.
An app like Clean Master can be used that has been found to be quite effective in helping to shut down processes and cool the smartphone. Clean Master can delete junk files as well as fun RAM by shutting down unspoken apps to cool your phone.

Tips 2:
Make sure that the device is heated on the back or bottom. If it is heated at the bottom, it may be in the charging area. It often happens that the device overheats while connecting to the charger.

If the problem is seen, the device should be kept in some open place where it is exposed for some time. If you have a cover on your phone, your phone is also likely to get hot. This means that the case or cover of your device should be removed especially when the cover is made of metal. Leave your phone without a cover and see the difference, your cell can cool down quickly and the problem can be solved.

Tips 3:
Your device will overheat when you use your phone while charging. When you play games, many parts work together and the CPU fails to handle so much demand, so the heating of the device starts. So it is advisable not to use your device while charging and try to avoid long-term use of your device. Rest your phone and then use it.

Tips 4:
Non-genuine batteries can ruin the performance of your smartphone. There are fluctuations of power from these and the processor, and the RAM gets inadequate or excessive charge and quickly leads to battery drains. Always get the original battery by contacting the service center or buy from an authorized dealer for the mobile brand.

Tips 5:

One of the easiest ways to keep your phone from overheating is to close all open but lazy apps. We often use an app and then log out but it stays open in the background. Many people are not even aware of this fact. By simply shutting down all of these apps you can not only protect your phone from overheating but you can also save on your electricity costs.
Tips 6:

Try to avoid using Bluetooth for extended periods of time and make sure you are disconnected from Bluetooth once you finish using it. If your phone auto connects to Bluetooth in your car, disconnect the auto-pair – especially if you don’t plan to talk on the phone or listen to a podcast


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