Comment Backlinks – Does It Work For SEO?

Comment backlinks
Comment backlinks

What are Comment Backlinks?

Comment backlinks are a way to backlink. Through which we can comment and keep backlinks instead of commenting on any website. Most of the comments are back-linked especially on a blog website.

Why would we do that and what are the benefits?

Comment backlinks we can do for a lot of work and inside it can be that where we keep the backlinks in the comments, many visitors come who read the comments and top the back linked comments then they will enter the backlinked website. This will increase the number of backlinked websites and visitors. And if the number of visitors increases, the publicity will also increase, so the backlinked website will continue to come up on Google. So comment backlinks come in handy when working in “off-page SEO”. It is possible to rank a website very quickly by backlinking in the comments

How to do comment backlink?

If you want to backlink comments, you need to collect some things in advance. Those are the websites that we will backlink in the comments, we have to collect those websites. Because if we don’t know where to go, we can backlink in the comments, Then we can’t backlink anywhere in the comment.
So first of all we have to collect the websites that we can backlink in the comments.

Comment Backlink Tricks:

If you want to backlink in the comments, you have to follow some methods.
Here are some tricks to backlink in the comments:

  1. Try to make the comment in large size
  2. Post related comment
  3. Make comment after reading the post
  4. Think about the site moderator that he doesn’t think your comment is spam

If you want to backlink to a post and comment below, first you have to see if the comment you will make match that post. Because if the comment does not match with the post, then the admin comment can delete it. As a result, backlinking to such baseless comments does not yield any results.

Enter the link inside the text:

Some websites do not have the option to backlink. You have to use an anchor tag to link to the comments on all those websites. The anchor tag is given below:

<a href=”yourwebsite”>your text</a>


What are Do follow and No follow backlinks?

No, follow backlinks:

Backlinks that are not approved by Google or search engines. and no-follow links are links with a  (rel=”no follow” ) HTML tag applied to them. Those backlinks are called No-follow backlinks.

Do-Follow Backlinks:

Backlinks that are approved by Google or search engines, and websites that receive links, Those backlinks are called Do-follow backlinks.


Backlinks are extremely important for off-page SEO. There are many ways to backlink. This is an important way to get backlinks to the comment options of posts on various websites. And if the backlinks are received by the websites and if the backlinks are considered as do-follow backlinks. Then Google will accept the backlink and approve it. And if Google approves, the website will rank up very easily. For this, it is very useful to comment and backlink inside. It helps a lot to rank up the website. So it is very important to backlink in the comments.


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