Advantages And Benefits Of The Business Manager

Business Manager

Advantages And Benefits Of The Business Manager

For several years now, social networks have represented the new frontier of the market, having by now outclassed advertising realities and sponsorships on television and radio.

In the field of marketing, there are countless brands that focus on social media to launch their business, whether we are talking about small or medium-sized enterprises or multinationals established around the world. The role of Facebook in this revolution is undisputed and essential: the famous blue social network, in fact, has long since created one of the most efficient tools in the sector, which takes the name of Facebook Business Manager.

A marketing campaign designed for a social network is completely different from any other type of advertising: for this, it requires a special tool; in fact, it is essential to link together numerous factors in order for it to be successful and provide a concrete result, and not only result in useless expenditure.

What is the Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is nothing more than the professional version of the most famous social network in the world. No one has so far managed to match the economic reach of Facebook, not even the portentous and promising Instagram (which is still part of the large social family of Mark Zuckerberg). For this reason, the introduction of Business Manager was a revolution, a platform dedicated to those who decide to transform their Facebook page into a real laboratory for the achievement of business purposes (increase in turnover, advertising, branding,

Communication, sales, etcetera).

It is a purely corporate tool, created for professionals who decide to rely on Facebook to promote their company or personal brand. It is therefore very useful to know the main features that this business tool promises to offer to all the professionals who will rely on it since anyone who wants to advertise – to date – cannot ignore the reality of Facebook.

What is the Business Manager for?

So what are the different functions that Facebook Business Manager offers to its professional clients? What is the interest that an entrepreneur can find in Facebook Business Manager?

There are actually numerous functions of the Business Manager and it is useful to analyze them one by one.

First of all, a Business Manager is essential to make a good impression as a company or professional and to present yourself to customers or collaborators in a prepared and serious manner. Who, for example, owns a company based on the offer of page services or advertising campaigns knows that amateur work is completely different and of a lower level than a structured service. Facebook Business Manager is just that: a tool that can help professionals keep the private profile separate from the work one, allowing access to customer accounts from a specific profile. This is useful and functional in terms of efficiency but also of privacy and protection of personal data, an increasingly discussed and burning issue nowadays.

The second interesting function of a Business Manager is the verification of the domain: so far many professionals are not able to change the preview of a link address for their website when they want to create a post on the famous blue social network. Facebook introduced this feature recently and now verifying the domain and changing it is child’s play.

Thirdly, Business Manager allows you to fully exploit the potential of Facebook pages managed by administrators. This translates into complete control of advertising accounts, access to pages, and the controls and permissions of the various administrators. It is possible to exclude those who no longer work on a project, limit the functions of some accounts: this is essential for the most advanced brands, which have different collaborators on various levels and who manage multiple Facebook pages at the same time. Business Manager centralizes functions and homogeneously distributed access and managerial responsibilities.

A further function of this management tool is the creation of targeted campaigns for a personalized audience, for example, based on its location, age, interests, or gender. For targeted advertising campaigns depending on the database, the Business Manager is the only valid tool within Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, only with this tool, it is possible to create different advertising accounts, up to a maximum of 5 profiles for each user (it is possible to request an expansion of the maximum number of profiles with prior authorization from the social network).

Finally, only with Facebook Business Manager, it is possible to take advantage of special functions such as cross-posting: it is the automatic publication of the same video, post, identical photographs in multiple Facebook pages, all at the same time and adding the number of views.

Will the Business Manager ever be mandatory?

According to the experience of numerous social media managers and professionals in the web communication sector, the most effective and functional way to obtain excellent results through a social network is to create a well-defined audience. Not only that: this audience must be expanded, cultivated, almost “raised” with specific posts, targeted and functional campaigns, the study of schedules, and interactions. Facebook users who have already interacted with a particular page in some way, even if briefly, are the ones who are most likely to become part of a brand’s audience, starting to follow it, interact with likes and comments, and, at best, with shares. This is possible in a full and concrete way only by correctly using Facebook Business Manager.

Despite this, to date, this tool is not mandatory if you want to do marketing via Facebook, but it could soon become one. In fact, this seems to be the road the famous social network is aiming for, delegating more and more features, options, and advantages to that tool and hindering other sponsorship strategies, facilitating only that way.

What is certain is that if nowadays, you decide to launch your brand on Facebook, it is completely unthinkable not to study and seriously consider the idea of ​​using Business Manager, the best tool to expand your own audience and do some serious online marketing.


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