Android Versions A To Z

Android Versions List A to Z

Android Versions List

Android is superior and the app optimizes the device to play games easily. Easily known as short glasses for simple clean and elegant colors with added features without compromising on speed even with low efficiency. This is why it can only get better than its previous versions but we go further we have five features or we have QuickFish. Which allows you to edit document spreadsheets and presentations from the device that gives you the ability to work offline.

You can save those files to Google Drive or Sprint using Google Cloud Print or the number four HP e-print printer. You will have a different look and experience playing music on your device with full screen albums and movie art on your lock screen. You may also be able to play break changes or search your lock screen number three at specific times. We occasionally compromise on camera and budget. I do. Do not worry though because our Gallery app and Google Photos app have been improved which can greatly improve your photos with effect adjustment settings and customization.

  1. Kit ket
  2. Jelly bean
  3. Lalipp
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Nought
  6. Oreo


Benefits of Android versions:


  1. Benefits of the Kit ket version:

It comes with a new tile bed that is simple and interesting thing about the new calling app Clear you have a smart quality. Receive calls from phone numbers whenever you have no contacts.

Your phone will conveniently look for business matches with local listings on Google Maps in the new Hangouts. The app lists all your SMS and MMS message video calls in one place, gives you a different experience at the speed of typing on the Swift keyboard, and offers you a variety of emoji’s that tell your mood text together that enables you to work quickly and easily.

makes emoji will help you get the message across better You know I want to call it a personal assistant It learned from my interest that in the form of a card it gives you a better car.


Disadvantage of the Kit ket version:

  1. While looking at the menu features, the screen almost disappears in front of the user and looks a bit awkward. For a moment, only the wallpaper is visible.
  2. In order to use this OST, support processors should really pay attention to the fact that the low-power tri-core, if the processor is forced to put under it, its performance is not correct.
  3. Capacity to use this OST should focus on supporting three minimum processor cores, forcing the processor under it if its performance is not perfect what some of the data we wrote above can still be a fraction of the weakness and strength of Android 4.4 KitKat, it Probably a reference to the user’s smartphone.


  1. Benefits of the Jelly bean version:

With the release of the latest version, the Android operating system has been updated to 4.3. Still using the same name as the previous version of Jelly Bean but this latest version has different advantages over its predecessor.

. This feature is a feature of Android 4.2 upgrade. Parents can set different profiles for themselves and their children. Each profile can be set on the main screen and in the application. With this feature, parents can control it while playing on their son’s Android device.

Disadvantage of the Jelly bean version:

We’ve seen this issue widely reported on several Android devices. For some people the common thread seems to be the Jelly Bean update but different version updates have affected different devices.

There are a number of possible causes for Wi-Fi problems and this could be due to your specific router or its settings. If you find that your device is unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network, or the Wi-Fi connection continues, there are a few things you can try.

Complaints about poor battery life are common for smartphones, but some people have complained that their device’s battery life has deteriorated significantly since upgrading to Jelly Bean.

This may be below specific applications or services. If you find that your battery is flowing faster than before, try and reboot first. If that doesn’t help, try the steps below.



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